i have discovered a really simple way to render wireframe in Maya 2015
    ext 2.
    Forget all of this toon / ramp method. It can be done in absically one
    click!. All you need to do is:

    1) Go into Render Settings, select 'Maya Hardware 2.0, skip past the
    'Common' tab and go to the 'Maya Hardware 2.0' tab.

    2) Scroll all the way down to 'render options' then where it says
    'Render Mode' – it normaly says 'Shaded and Textured'. Just
    select/change this to: 'Wire'.

    See example screenshot: https://screencloud.net/v/3b3L

    And that's it – Now all your objects will render in perfect wireframe.
    you won't believe how easy this mehtod is, but just remember – only
    works with the new Maya (i only tested with extension 2.

  2. but what if i wana have a texture instead of a colour ? i had my project a year ago and din't manage to make it how iv'e wanted.I had a need for Texture of wood on some parametric shhelves, but i alwso wanted wireframe to show.

  3. to change ur scene into wire frame fast go to render settings (F10) – > Vray -> Vray global switches -> check box override mtl -> put in the slot wire frame mat, just uncheck this box for normal render

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