1. It is exactly what I was looking for my bedroom that is pretty hight (4, 20 m) but quite small (2,80×2,50). I have just to understand where it is more convenient to place the ladder

  2. Great video. Am watching this, pausing it, making notes. I am ordering the lumber for pick up and will be assembling a loft bed in a similar fashion, as close to this as possible, except I am using plywood for the flooring. Thanks for making this video and sharing it. It's a wonderful educational video.

  3. Nice build man! I have a question: i would like to build something like this for myself, but i want to ask if it is steady enough? I would like to make it so that it can fit a matrass for 2 people on top. Is it wobbly or is it really secure? Thanks!

  4. I live in London, Wembley. Is there anyway I can get someone to build this in my room. I mean is there a store or something that would do this type of work for you (sells the material and build it). I don't mind the money but its just that I am a full time student and live in a small room with a room mate who also wants one. I personal want a build-in loft bed because I need more space underneath it. I would've brought the ones already made (from Ikea) but the structure of the room is weird and it wouldn't fit.

  5. This is fantastic. I'm going to build a loft style double bed in a rented sharehouse and i'm a little worried about not screwing it into the walls. Have you secured yours to the wall? Also how much did it cost to build your loft bed? Thanks

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