1. This was my first "acceptable" single 45 bought. ….. on a blue label if I remember. …. back when mum and dad did the weekend shopping on a Saturday afternoon while I was at home waiting for the football scores at 5 o'clock. …..always loved Quo since….

  2. Over the years it's become fashionable to slag off Quo, and dismiss them as little more than "12 Bar Boogie Merchants" and "one trick ponies" which in my opinion is all my arse, if it was the simple then how come nobody else ever tried to copy it. and also how come they lasted as long as they ever did (and sold as many albums as they did) I don't see even half of the bands that slagged them off still knocking around today

    RIP Rick you left behind a decent l;egacy

  3. One of their great numbers – seems weird that at Milton Keynes Bowl I saw their End of the Road show and their career is longer AFTER 1984 than before! Also glad they haven't stopped either! :o)

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