1. you guys plugged it for a great day to get a bloody great view from up there!! What do you mean the year is starting off the way the last one ended………with cum in your eyes??? wtf?? hahahahahaha pumping in the shade and cum in your eyes….. this should have been rated for adults only!!!!!! lol

  2. LMFAO – how the conversation sank to Cicada come, I'll never know!
    Awesome adventure that day, we broke your NYD curse to boot!!
    I think your video showed the severity of that worst section better than mine, I suspect it's due to the stead-cam, very clear footage and it really shows the bike shuddering and bouncing!
    Love seeing our adventures from your pov – never gets old 🙂
    Even if you're always waving your bloody big flag-pole 😛
    Pumping in the shade… I have a way with words…
    And there was so much more to this day! Looking forward to seeing it mate.

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