1. Hey rob as always good work.

    I note that you quenched the brazed carbide tip. Carbides do not like being quenched as they tend to crack. best to let air cool or dip the other end in the water and let it cool from there.

  2. Have you tried these new CBN wheels? Man made diamonds and very hard. The price has dropped on some of the imports to under twenty dollars and they are end or face wheels. Do a very quick job of grinding with much less heat developing in carbide or steel. Amazon is one source or I wouldn't be surprised if Bangood had them also. They also have diamond wheels for twelve or fifteen bucks very nice on the bench grinder for shaping tooling. Dave M did a segment on his channel also. It was where I discovered the price had dropped (I bought an 8" x1" wheel a couple of years ago and it was close to a $100!). Take care. Doug

  3. Top video Rob, nothing more satisfying than making your own tools. I'll be keeping my old inserts from now on. Think I need a Bullfinch for my Birthday!  Cheers Craig

  4. For sure – like you I keep every single piece of ''scrap'' – just never know what can be used.
    I have a good few odd carbide inserts – must get to using them for new cutters sometime.
    That worked out pretty well. 🙂

  5. The hardness of the steel is actually wholly irrelevant to how well it will work as a boring bar, the important factor is the how rigid it is, and it doesn't matter if it's hardened or not, the rigidity is the same. As far as I know, most steel alloys don't vary in rigidity enough to matter.

  6. You are a man after my own heart Rob. Never throw anything away. Your under bench area looks just like mine. Tins of useful scrap.  Nice little job for the learners to do.  I went with a mate to help an old lady clear her late husbands shed a couple of weeks ago. She said if there is any thing you want just take it. I ended up with a nice pile of steel offcuts and other metal bits and pieces probably 50Kg or so.  She  said "don't you want any of the tools" of which there was a big heap.  I declined most of them as they were common and garden mechanics tools and I have a lot of those. I paid her for a few nice machinists bits and bobs.  We put her in touch with a chap who buys and sells tools so she could get rid of them. So we all got some thing out of it that we wanted.     regards from the UK

  7. Wire terminals in a vanilla ice cream box?? That is just unheard of!
    I could see a chap using chocolate ice cream boxes for that, but vanilla ice cream boxes for electrical stuff…that is just pushing it!
    I knew a chap who kept metric bolts in boxes that had contained leek soup…. he came to a very sticky end!

  8. I have had to do this same job Rob, I used a Carbide boring bar off the cheap Chinese 2 inch boring head kits with the 1/2 inch bars. They are tapered. I had to bore a Hardened Sleeve off a Motorbike rear Shock to 12mm from 10mm

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