1. that's 16ga 2" tubing…got me a inexpensive compression roller at the discount tool store then upgraded with a kit from SWAG Offroad…check out the video, "How-to Easily Bend Metal Tubing"…Enjoy!

  2. Hey Mr. Dillman, what kind of tubing bender do you use? And out of curiosity, from the bottom side of the tube ( the lower part of the U) what is the the distance from there to the top of that U shape? And what size of tubing do you use? Thanks.

  3. hey thanks…and You bet, using a hole saw is the way to go!
    I wore that sucker out a while back and still haven't replaced it…seems like every time I get to the supply house i've got other things on my mind and hardly enough cabbage to cover the bill! =)

  4. Save more time and use a hole saw to cut the blanks to weld the end plugs. It would have to be faster than the snips. Great videos, I am always looking foreward to the next one.

  5. ahahahah…yep, those were the days, and did I have some 80's hair back then! =)
    …as far as 'spring back', never gonna happen. The roller compresses and bends the tubing creating a permanent arc.

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