1. What an amazing coach!! His fast reactions and preparedness reminds me of my old coach, this is exactly the kind of coach we need more of. I've seen so many videos of absolutely useless ones standing on the side during practice and something always seems to go wrong- low and behold they stand there shocked with their mouths wide open as their kid is screaming from a compound fracture

  2. OMFG! She literally was falling, with all her body weight HEAD FIRST TWICE!!! THANK U JESUS FOR HER COACH WOW! May he be blessed for eternity! A great man right there!!!

  3. She didn't have enough power to complete the gienger or what the release catch was called (I forgot what it was called even though I've always known what it was called๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚) she put herself i danger by competing it. If you fall once fair enough do it again but only do it again if you didn't fall like that

  4. Imagine if that coach was sick that day and replaced with another guy who was not that predictive … the girl would have been in a wheelchair the rest of her life

  5. Bless her heart,she has a great form but she can't get a high enough height to catch the Bars and pull her legs back fast enough,she should have mats under her just in case she fall without the coaches.i bet if she practiced a few more times she would do it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Wow! She got up like nothing happened. She would of been dead! Not sure at the time how severe she, the coach, audience, or judges thought that mishap was?!!?
    But thank the Creator for her life everyday!!!!

  7. Here's the thing, I wouldnt say he has instincts. Here's the thing, girls train for hours upon hours a day. Which means she's done that routine multiple times. That being said, if he was there, he knew that would happen and should not have let her do it.

  8. she probably got really nervous and messed up on the first attempt. then that frightened her and she couldn't do it without being afraid, or she needed more practice on that skill

  9. I salute the coach.

    Reminds me of my fall. I was practicing for the local competition then i fell hard on the ground(on my back). And it ended my career as a gymnast. I was still a junior back then.

    Many people said that i could make it to olympics one day. They said i had the potential. But that fall just ended it.

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