1. I remember them showing this training video to us in the 4th grade. Lab was awesome. They would bring in local gypsies and vagrants for us to practice on. I miss the good ole days.

    Also: I have a good used 1984 Briggs and Stratton tiller for sale. Decent shape. $100. Inbox me.

  2. anyone know how many spies were executed by the US Army in the war?i estimate several dozen in Europe and a few in Asia but any figures or names of those executed?i also heard that the youngest spy executed was around 16 while shocking for people these days back then many countries allowed under-18's to receive a death sentence,

  3. Humans are barbaric. This is pointless and these men were doomed to be the victims of greedy governments, wanting nothing more than increased power, resources and land. This is all so unnecessary and we should be ashamed.

  4. It's still terribly sad.
    What have we learned from all that blood?
    Ok, it was war and they were spies…
    But it is sad anyhow after 70 years.
    The first victim was still a boy.
    I would like to know exactly what they did.
    What does it mean to be a "spy"?
    What did they spy?
    It is IMPRESSIVE the total CALM of those condemned.
    May you RIP for the eternity, boys…
    Was your crime so heavy?
    War was and still is the hell on earth.

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