1. Hey I had recently had a fresh install of windows 10, and quickly realized that Windows has removed the 'Express Settings' tab. The tab had contained security issues, and disabling backdoors. It had included ANYTHING you type would be tracked. However, this feature had been removed. Who else is suspicious? Like, or Reply if you think so.

  2. Great review as usual buddy, definitely gonna order one right now to try out with my live streams. I'll definitely be using your link too "seeing that I can't use my own"😃

  3. I love the way you express yourself. You speak what's necessary. I absorb everything and learn a lot in the way you speak which is very fast but PERFECTLY understandable. Hats off to your ability, seriously.

  4. Jerry I love the channel man but you are going to have to be more consistent with your content. It's fine to be either here or twitch but it's tough to follow you when you take week long breaks. I know you are sick man and I hope you feel better, but sometimes you have to show up anyway. Maybe have a few videos saved up for when stuff like this happens?

  5. another use for it would be to have it for fullscreen games while live screening allowing you to control the stream without going back to desktop or having a hot key that could get in the way of other function (I manage to have that happen all the time, even default hot keys like SHIFT+TAB for steam keeping me from running and switching weapons in games such as GTA V

  6. Now I am thinking, maybe I should have got that when I got my capture card, that would be great for having my controls set not on my keyboard, but instead on a side control panel, and for in more complex games I could map special functions there, or put macros for my stream set up, like set up a macro that opens OBS and then opens GTA V and then have a scene switch, I would just NEED that.

  7. 10 videos since i last checked 3 months ago. I guess you gave up on youtube. EDIT: Just checked your twitter and it seems you blocked me. I guess you can't deal with criticism and rather have people who watch you just say nice things and keep you in a delusional state. So be it, goodbye.

  8. Personally, I love the device overall but I wish the buttons were a little stiffer so I wouldn't accidentally hit the button twice. I have been using a Novation Launchpad Mini and custom software to do basically the same thing as the Stream Deck but the Stream Deck is much more convenient.

  9. Hey, I'm wanting to get into coding and programming. But I don't know anything about it xD. What coding language should I start with? I want to be a software and a game developer. Which languages are the best for those?

  10. Now why is it that jerry (aka – 'barnaclees') is the only pc tech reviewer on youtube who has NOT done a review on Ryzen or Thread-Ripper?.

    Total shittel cock sucker!.

    BTW, you have had your youtube channel for c.4 years now and yet you still don't know how to correctly pronounce your avatar name.

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