1. Hi Mr DIYDORK-
    Many thanks for your video…very inspiring!
    We live in the UK and are making a Pallet-type multi coloured
    coffee table along the lines of the effects you've demonstrated.
    Please could you advise what would be the best way of sealing
    the top of a coffee table for level of protection…once it's all dried?
    Not sure what kind of product/manufacturer(wax?) you would
    recommend please?
    Many thanks for your help in the matter and keep the videos
    Kind regards> Chris

  2. Wow, this was a lot of info I didn't even realize I wanted to know!! Love it, thanks so much for sharing this. you have a really great way of informing in a really kind manner. You've got to be a teacher, if not, you missed your true calling, haha! I will totally subscribe 😊 Most informative seven minutes of my week, and entertaining too.

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