1. I was a RC Colombe in the mid 70s and this brings me back to so many wonderful temple nights doing my service! I am in tears of joy when listening to this, music is in my soul.

  2. When I drop into the void, as an old man.
    I'll remember Debussy.
    He was a vvctorinan opium addict.
    But that dude had it right, love in Music.
    read into the Black Hole of the Void, and I would hear this

  3. Mais merde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pourquoi ne me répond t-elle pas??! je l'aime tant et ce morceaux elle le joue a la harpe c'est pour ça que je l'écoute, comme ça je me souvient d'elle j'ai été vraiment con. Du coup elle ne me croit plus et elle m'en veux, mais elle comprend combien elle compte pour moi… aller roxane revient stp…

  4. Every once in a great while,one hears a piece of music that sets his or her soul alight with joy and pure emotion. This piece of music is one of those very rare examples.

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