1. Can someone please convert all of this to Imperial (standard). My brain hurts trying to figure out all of this. This video should have been 10 minutes long to go into the detail necessary for me to actually build this. We are not all pros.

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  3. Gawd Almighty ! I'm so SICK and TIRED of getting these how to videos from someone that you can't understand a word that they are saying because of their accent, especially the ones from Australia! Please get some AMERICANS on here that speak English with a accent that are understandable !!!!

  4. I love this woodworking book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). Some of the topics outlined in the book include wood working methods, justification on the development cycles of trees, and various lumber characteristics that craftsmen favor. I also gave my father another copy.

  5. This is worthy for any to-do list, have you seen some of the awesome projects found in Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible? as seen on his website. Thanks for the video, bookmarked!

  6. I really don’t know whether he’s going to sell it or not, but I’d get Hyezmar’s book before he sells it. It has some good plans, others not so good, but it’s something to work with at least:)

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